Strange Bedfellows Indeed

This one comes from CinemaTech, otherwise I wouldn't have read the NYTimes story involved. It seems that the studios are, with great relish, sending advance copies of all their new releases to the quasi-porn site,, which prides itself on having an astonishingly complete catalog of nude scenes by actresses in the movies. The website enjoyed revenues of over $5 million dollars last year, almost all of it from selling subscriptions to the site that allow a surfer to watch clips of said naked ladies.

Here is the good part. You might ask, why aren't the studio lawyers coming after Jim McBride, the CEO of for copyright violation? Because the studios -- as previously noted -- are the ones who supply him with the films. claims to be a movie-review site and that the clips represent fair use, a debatable but clever premise, but it doesn't matter.

The Times story, by Andrew Adam Newman, notes, "The site’s membership is 98.4 percent men; members spend an average of 13 minutes at the site per visit." That is probably because the nude performers indexed by the site are all female. I suspect that a similar website showing actors wouldn't make as much money, but I doubt if it would go broke.

So I am considering a policy whereby paid subscribers to Cine-Journal would be able to see fabulous film clips of me naked. Or maybe I'll post the clips and ask subscribers to pay NOT to see them.