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There's Baseball in Florida and the Spring Arts Preview in Jewish Week

Must mean spring is here, a good sign. (At any rate, this is my 400th entry on this blog, and that is probably a good thing.)

It also means that your humble servant is busy, busy, busy. For starters, here are the two components of my spring film preview, short pieces on two events/movies well worth your time, and a list of upcoming films and events that you should mark on your calendar. In addition, if you are in town this evening, you should consider dropping into Anthology Film Archives for the monthly New Filmmakers showcase, which I've written about here .

I was at the Cinema Club branch in Madison, CT, this weekend, where they showed Lore. A few things of interest. First, the film holds up on a third viewing quite admirably. In my review for Jewish Week, I had remarked on the fairy-tale quality, but this time I noticed another visual/thematic motif, the presence in the first five minutes of each of the classical 'elements," water, air, earth and fire. For a film that…

Back Again . . . .

As you might expect, after another silence of almost two months, there's a lot of catching up to be done.
Let me start by pointing you towards the best film of 2013 so far. Granted, it's only mid-February, but this one should be on my ten-best list come next spring, unless this is a year of great filmmaking.

The film is Lore, Cate Shortland's long-awaited second feature follow-up to Somersault, it's a tough piece of work, bleak and disturbing. My review can be read here.

Those of you with long memories will no doubt recall that this spring's Ira gathering will feature our wrangle over the 100 best films of the 1950s. I'm not going to spoil even a tiny bit of the fun for you by telling you which 100 films made the big cut; you'll find out when we've voted the final listing, 1-100, in March. But I will give you my top 100 of the decade. I don't mind saying that this was harder than the all-time top 100 that we …