A quick head's-up and an apology

But not in that order.

The apology is for not posting a new entry with more alacrity. Just filed my spring arts preview pieces for Jewish Week the other day and those suckers take a lot of time. And now I'm immersed in catching up for the Iras, about which more later this week for sure.

For those of you who get the Westerns channel (it's part of the Starz cable package) you should be aware that on Sunday they showed the newly restored version of Peckinpah's Major Dundee -- at least I assume they did, since the running time was given as two hours 16 minutes and when I tuned in out of sheer luck I didn't hear the atrocious music from the theatrical release version. Mose important, they were showing it letterboxed, which is a nicety the Westerns channel seldom observes. (Too bad, since they show a lot of possibly interesting Italian westerns and they don't have commercials.) As they say, check your local listings for times. This offer void where prohibited by law (or Presidential fiat).