Line of the day

Too good not to share.

"Steig, you may be a crackpot, but you're also a genius."
--Michael Granger in The Creature with the Atom Brain

Why in the name of all that is holy am I watching this massive hunk of spoiled limburger?
Because the crackpot-genius in question is supposed to be a runaway Nazi, so I need to see it for my next book, Wounded Images: How Hollywood Failed the Holocaust. I decided that to do the book properly, I would see anything and everything that touched upon the Shoah. I want this book to be the most inclusive one on this topic, even if I don't ever talk about films like this (and what can one say?!).

I would add, though, that even by the standards of Edward L. Cahn, a director of such unsurpassing lousiness that he makes Ed Wood Jr. look positively Bressonian, this film is a monumental piece of crap. Hey, it stars Richard Denning -- what did you expect, art?