A Major Head's-Up

My guess it is going to come and go pretty fast, so you really should pop down to the Cinema Village on Friday, May 4 (two days from now) and see the delightful French comedy L'Iceberg.

Directed by Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy, the film is a deliciously Tati-esque comedy with genuine visual wit and grace and hilarious performances from Abel and Gordon as a gawky married couple whose household is riven when she locks herself in a deepfreeze at the fast-food restaurant she manages. Once she emerges and is thawed out, Gordon becomes obsessed with heading for the Arctic and throws herself -- almost literally -- at a not-overly-bright fishing boat owner (Philippe Martz), while her no less maladroit hubby tries to decipher what has happened. A crisp 84 minutes, the film makes great use of widescreen for comic value and is a complete delight.