Beavering Away . . .

I've been a busy boy lately. (No wisecracks about the headline, please. Get your minds out of the gutter and back on your work.)

Three film pieces in Jewish Week this time: a short profile of J. Hoberman, who is celebrating his 30th anniversary at the Voice, a longer profile of Ira Sachs, whose Married Life is opening Friday, and a piece on the excellent Robert Hamer It Always Rains on Sunday, which is playing for a week at Film Forum. (I was really surprised to learn from the press notes on the Hamer that Henry Cornelius, creator of the divine Genevieve, perhaps the most sublime of the great Ealing comedies, was a Jew. We really are everywhere.) The juxtaposition of Hamer & Co. with Married Life is particularly fortuitous, because the Sachs has a feeling not unlike the best of the Ealings, no doubt because of the tone that Pierce Brosnan brings to the film's narration. At any rate, both Married Life and Sunday are worth seeking out.