The Busiest Time of Year

For me, it's not Xmas or Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July. It's the insane weeks in which the New York Film Festival's press screenings coincide with the High Holy Days and the only things I do are seeing films and rehearsing with the Beth Am Choir.

Okay, not quite the only things I do. In fact, the current issue of Jewish Week includes reviews of three new films, here, here and here. I heartily recommend Loins of Punjab Presents, as you can tell from the review.

No new Godard film in this year's festival, but if you're jonesing for Jean-Luc, check out his "trailer" for the Viennale, which can be seen here; just scroll down and on the bottom left, you'll see a link marked 'trailer."

So far I've seen three films from the festival and each is a major winner: James Benning's RR, which is part of "Views from the Avant-Garde" event, the new Olivier Assayas, Summer Hours, and Ari Folman's animated feature about the massacres at Sabra and Shatila, Waltzing with Bashir. Hopefully, I'll find the time to discuss the Benning and Assayas here in the next day or so. Obviously, the Folman will get the full Jewish Week treatment.

And, as Samuel Pepys would have it, so to bed.