A Quick One While I'm Away (Okay, I'm Not Away, but the Who Never Recorded a Song Called "A Quick One While He's Installing a New Computer")

Busy, busy, busy. Four stories in Jewish Week this time, three of them film-related, but only two on-line. The most important one is my review of the new Amos Gitai, which is quite a challenging film, One Day You'll Understand. (I also finally had my first-ever meeting and interview with Gitai, which will soon be a story of Hadassah Magazine.) And, appropriately enough, the second of two pieces on the Israel Film Festival. Finally, let me recommend to any of you who are sports fans the new documentary The First Basket, a deft little history of the Jewish presence in basketball. An eminently entertaining and frequently enlightening film, it does credit to its director, David Vyorst, who is a first-time helmer (as they say in Variety), who has spent more time in the halls of Congress and on the hardwood than in film school. The film is playing at the Village East for ten days, and it got shockingly short shrift from the Times. I interviewed Vyorst for Jewish Week and the piece in in the print edition, but didn't make it to the webpage, but I will post it tonight or tomorrow.

It all depends, of course, on how long it takes me to set up the new desktop. (heh, heh)