This Time, There's a Reason for the Long Silence

I'm struggling with router/adapter problems that have made it impossible for me to get on-line for almost two weeks. I can get a few hours a day on Margo's computer, but running up and down stairs between our offices, juggling files and so on have made it a damned nuisance to do anything more complicated than checking my e-mail.

However, I have not been totally idle. My piece on Adam Resurrected, including a few brief excerpts from my interview with Paul Schrader, can be found here, and when I get these idiotic computer problems resolved, I'll post a lot more from that interview, as well as several reviews of new films.

And in a few days -- technology permitting -- I'll be expanding the George Robinson Communications empire, adding a blog dedicated entirely to Jewish music.

Rupert Murdoch, giu la testa!!!