Elsewhere in the Lowlands

We've been spending time in Belgium, courtesy of Chantal Akerman (well, actually, it was a 'phone interview and she was in Paris, but who's counting?), so it seems only fair and appropriate that I bring you a newsflash from the Netherlands. After much fanfare and many delays, the European Foundation Joris Ivens, which holds the rights to all Ivens's films, is releasing a massive five-CD box set that will include all of his works, in addition to numerous extras (a previously unreleased interview with Ivens, alternate soundtracks for Spanish Earth including one read by Orson Welles, and a dialogue between Ivens and Jean Rouch). The U.S. distributor for the package will be Facets Multimedia. For more information on what will be in the set, go here.

Meanwhile, around the globe again, my piece on the upcoming New York Sephardic Film Festival is here. Some interesting films on display, including several that I just didn't have time to see.