General Housekeeping

Baseball is back, so I'm a happy guy.

I passed a kidney stone -- don't ask -- so I'm a somewhat relieved guy.

Have a great website to recommend, so I'm delighted:
Film Studies for Free is a terrific resource, linking to tons of free on-line materials covering the entire range of moving-image analysis. Bookmark this one pronto.

At the risk of being a cliche-spouting guy, if you can only see one movie this spring, you should get to Film Forum or whatever local venue is carrying it, and see Jafar Panahi's This Is Not a Film, not so much because it's an ingenious use of a very straitened set of circumstances -- house arrest, among other things -- although it is excellent film-making, but in solidarity with Panahi, whose plight you may have followed here.

I haven't been idle all this time, recuperation notwithstanding. As utterly indifferent as I am to the Oscars, I do have a few items regarding the foreign-language film award to pass along, my interview with Agnieszka Holland, whose In Darkness is a brilliant film, and at the end of the week my review of Joseph Cedar's Footnote, which impressed me, too. Both of them are filmmakers whose careers I have followed avidly, and I'm delighted to see them continue to make really stirring art.