A Busy Week Ahead

I do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to. That's obvious, isn't it.

So I sat through three new/recent films and saved you the trouble of suffering through one of them. On the downside, there's Wagner & Me, a resolutely wrong-headed documentary in which Stephen Fry tries to justifiy his love of Richard Wagner. My review is here

The second, Punk Jews, is a not uninteresting hour-long film that appears to be a pilot for a TV newsmagazine, or an extended advertisement for the makers' website. Still, it has its moments, particularly in its portrait of the Black Jewish community in Brooklyn. My review is here.

Finally, I cannot recommend The Rabbi's Cat highly enough. Joan Sfar's second feature and a splendid showcase for his talents as artist and animator. If you have been mourning the saccharine nature of recent animated features and wondering where the next Chuck Jones or Tex Avery is coming from, look no further than my review of this one

We feel the same way about our cat, dear

Finally, apropos of nothing at all, I notice that Bret Easton Ellis dissed Katherine Bigelow after the big awards sweep for Zero Dark Thirty, saying that she wouldn't have won awards for this and The Hurt Locker if she weren't "hot." If a man had directed them they wouldn't have won, he says.

He may very well be right. I haven't seen the new film yet, but if a man had directed The Hurt Locker it would probably have been the same posturing macho crap that no-talent hacks like Bret Easton Ellis have been churning out for years. Instead, it is a complex look at issues of masculinity and bonding that a self-absorbed twit like Ellis never examines. He's too busy preening in front of the mirror and admiring the size of his reproductive organ. When you actually have something worth saying, Bret, call us. Until then, piss off, you wanker.