Life Imitates Art Imitates Deadlines

I had a singularly apposite experience trying to do a story on the upcoming series at Lincoln Center on the films of the excellent Argentine director Martin Rejtman. The press of deadlines and his own hectic schedule prevented me from interviewing him in person, and circumstances had a strange impact on the e-mail interview that ensued. Read the piece and you'll see what I mean. And by all means, go see the films, both the older ones and his latest, Two Shots Fired

 Rejtman: Like a very, very dry martini

Also opening today is a troubling documentary, Forbidden Films, which asks once again the question, what do we do with the toxic waste that is Nazi culture? Felix Moeller, the film's direector, is admirably even-handed, perhaps almost detached from the question, presenting the various points of view fairly I think. I admit that I find myself deeply torn on this one, as my "critic's notebook" piece in Jewish Week admits. I'll be eager to hear reactions to both my story and the film.