Iran's Ongoing War on Its Filmmakers . . . .

I have written in this space many times about film people who are prisoners of conscience around the world, but it seems as if an inordinate number of these cases take place in Iran. Perhaps that is merely one more tribute to one of the world's most creative film industries. Reminds me of the story Mark Twain tells about an editor friend who, when asked about an incident in which he was tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, replied: "If it weren't for the honor of the thing, I'd have just as soon walked."

The latest bludgeoning of freedom of expression in the Iranian film community is the sentencing of writer-producer Mostafa Azizi. Azizi is currently in Evin Prison, having been handed an eight-year sentence for "insulting the Supreme Leader," among other charges. For more information and a guide to writing to push for his release, go here.

Get this man out of prison!