As Promised, the Prodigal Returns (Now, about that fatted calf . . .)

After an eventful year that included a lot of teaching, four herniated cervical disks (fun for the whole family), a bedbug infestaion (more fun and loads of serious expense) and a national election about which the less said the better, here I am again back at the old lemonade stand. (Yes, we frequently use real lemons, but I'd rather talk about the good movies I see.) As the new media economy devours print journalism and pukes it up whole as another Murdoch enterprise, I realized that I both wanted and needed to writing about something more than Jewish film which, needless to say, my gig at The Jewish Week, doesn't really permit.

Although I enjoy using my Twitter feed (@GRCommunicati13), it's not exactly a brilliant communication device, not even in the hands of a bold practitioner like our President Agent Orange. A 140-character limit doesn't leave room for much nuance. Notwithstanding the death-of-cinema whiners, there are plenty of complex and intelligent films being released right now that deserve more than a tweet.

There continue to be film and media stories that cry out for comment and/or wider dissemination. New movies keep escaping from the film asylum, old movies present new readings. So here we all are again. As long-time readers of this blog know, my promises of diligent updating are worth less than tips from Donald Trump's hairdresser, albeit more artfully phrased, so I won't tell you how frequently I'll be posting. Let us all hope it happens more often than someone hitting four home runs in a major-league game (take a bow Scooter Gennett, if only for that very 1920s name).

In the meantime, here is my latest from the Jewish Week.