Iran at War

I'm not going to dignify the mendacious stupidity of the Bush administration's foreign policy by addressing it here, but I would like to draw your attention to a promising film series that will be beginning in Manhattan towards the end of this month. The latest offering from CinemaEast, a resourceful organization that focuses its attentions on the films of the Middle East. From January 31-February 14, they will be showing "War in Iranian Cinema," a program of five films made between 1989 and 2005 that ruminate on the horrors of the Iraq-Iran war (you remember, that's the one in which Saddam Hussein was "the good guy"), as experienced by Iranians. What makes this series particularly exciting is that none of these films has been shown in the United States before. Indeed, except for Rakhshan Beni-Etimad I don't even recognize the directors' names.

For more information on this series and their other spring film programs, go here.

This series should be another nice corrective to the demonization of the Iranian people by certain unnamed figures in Washington, D.C. and on your radio and TV dials.