Madness! This is utter madness!

Yeah, I'm sure Sir Alec would have said those words again had he read this story in the LA Times (many thanks to Michael Giltz for this one). A ten-year-0ld Orson Welles wannabe sues his equally diminutive producer for creative control on a short film that stars Kevin Bacon.

Oh fine.

From the story:
"She wanted to make all the decisions and stuff," Kay said. "She wanted final cut and everything."

Reminds me of a wonderful piece that ran in the New York Times eons ago about a third- or fourth-grade class that was making its own movies. One of the little directors was interviewed and she said that directing was hard because "you tell people what to do and they don't always do it."

Well, Bacon has a good reputation as a cooperative actor. Otherwise, you can hear the kid telling him "Kevin, you'll never work in this town again, dammit." I wonder if Otto Preminger and Fritz Lang were like this at ten.

As for the idiocy of going to court every time you don't get your way . . . well, I guess it's better than pushing her off the swings the next day on the playground.