The Latest Sign that Apocalypse Isn't Coming Fast Enough

From Dave Kehr's excellent blog, the news that Cathy Schulman, head of the new Mandalay Pictures, which I guess is going to be a boutique label attached to Universal, is planning a remake of The Birds. Of course, she wouldn't dare dis' Hitch, but she's planning to give her version a contemporary spin: it's going to be an eco-thriller.

Thank God. I was afraid it was just going to be one of those pointless lessons in moral authority like he used to make. You know, the ones that no number of monkeys with viewfinders will be able to duplicate, no matter how many years they spent in film school, making music videos and directing TV pilots.

It does, however, prove yet again that an infinite number of producers with an infinite budget and expense account will always produce an infinite pile of crap.

I mourn for this industry.