Random Notes from the State of Exhaustion

It's near New Jersey.

The cause of the long silence on this page (comparatively speaking) is a combination of total physical and mental exhaustion and a complete lack of anything much to say. I've reached that point in the summer when I don't want to even think about going out of the apartment, let alone to a movie, have been skipping screenings regardless of the film, sleeping late and staying up late. Plus most of my recent assignments have been music stories, so there isn't even much to link you to.

That said, I did watch about a half-hour of Billy the Kid vs. Dracula. I won't say I was anticipating this epic, although I certainly was aware of its existence. I taped both this epic and its companion piece, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter courtesy of TCM, but couldn't bring myself to watch any more than the first 30 minutes of the aforementioned BKvD. You have to wonder what exactly happened to William Beaudine. I mean, here's a guy who directed Sparrows, which is generally considered one of Mary Pickford's best films. By the mid-'30s he's doing Torchy Blaine films and from there it's only a short step to the Bowery Boys and these two western-horror mashup, which make the Bowery Boys movies look positively Bressonian. I mean, who did he piss off (or on, as Lee Tracy might have added)?