The Grain(iness) of the Voice

Apologies to Roland Barthes, but if you have always wondered what I sound like -- with a mild head cold, that is -- here's your chance to find out. In one of my several other lives, I am the music critic for Jewish Week and a frequent contributor to several other Jewish newspapers; when my oldest friend, radio producer Jon Kalish (we go back to the 3rd grade together), asked if I would sit in on his regular podcast for United Jewish Communities, I gladly said yes. Next thing I know I'm doing a completely unplanned interview with Michael Dorf and dj handler, two major Jewish-music entrepreneurs, on the state of Jewish music in the coming year. Hey, that's why they pay me the big . . . well, actually, nothing at all, but it was fun. So if you want to hear the podcast, which Jon did a splendid job of editing and producing, click here.

Anybody got a handkerchief?