Oops -- My Error

My good friend Bob Lamm points out to me that by Fall 1968 when the fabled 29-29 game was played, the Man Known as Dubya had already graduated from Yale the previous spring. Well, we all know that the Yale Class of 1968 has a lot ot answer for.

For example, a federal judge has ruled that five Algerians held for seven years in Guantanamo must be released due to the total lack of evidence that they were planning to go to Afghanistan to fight against the U.S. troops there. To put it football terms -- so that the soon to be former President can grasp it -- holding these poor schmucks while you try to build a case would be like letting Harvard have unlimited time in each of their huddles so that they could plan for every single possible option Yale might come up with. And I have to say that if the U.S. government couldn't build a case against these guys in seven years, it suggests that there wasn't one to being with.

In the meanwhile, I couldn't resist sharing an item from today's Times; in what must surely be an example of life imitating really, really bad art, an Air Canada jet was landed with the aid of a flight attendant last January after the co-pilot suffered a nervous breakdown in the air and had to be forceably restrained. Apparently, though, unlike Karen Black this flight attendant actually was a licensed commercial pilot. And I'm assuming that, also unlike Karen Black in most of her film appearances, the flight attendant didn't bare her breasts gratuitously. God, I miss the '70s. on the other hand, I suppose this proves that you really can't make this stuff up. (and why on earth would you want to anyway?).