Update on Jafar Panahi

I've been a supporter of and letter-writer for Amnesty International almost as long as I've been a film critic - since my senior year of high school in both cases. The hardest part of the former is the long wait before you see the results of a campaign.

If you see any.

I merely offer that observation as a reminder that the wheels of justice grind very slowly in the international arena, but constant pressure and attention do produce results more often than not.

All this is by way of introducing the latest information on the status of Jafar Panahi, who has been imprisoned by the Iranian government for more than a month. According to an update on the New York Times website, Panahi is beginning to show signs of ill-health, having been moved to a very small cell and denied any exercise.

For more information on the situation in Iran, among other places you can check out this site.