Happy Birthday to Me

So at 8:33 a.m. this morning I reached the august age of 59. Yeah, the hard one is 365 days off.

In the meantime, let me pull your coat to a few very cool items on the World Wide Internut. A lovely photoessay on a subject near and dear may be found here: The Waning Art of the Projectionist

And my dear friend, colleague and Ira voter, Ed Sikov, has finally given in to temptation and started a blog. Anytime a film critic of his stature begins blogging, with a post about pickles yet, the world is a better place. I know that Ed has been avoiding the movies lately -- who can blame him this year? -- but I hope he can be coaxed into a theater occasionally.

He could do worse than to shlep to the UWS (Ed's in Chelsea, another planet altogether) and check out this year's edition of the Other Israel Film Festival. As I explain in the current issue of Jewish Week, this splendid event is expanding its mission in some very intelligent and exciting ways. I don't expect any of these films will turn up in theaters in the future, and that is a shame, but that makes it more important that you haul yourselves to the JCC in Manhattan.

Finally, if you haven't done so already, let me urge you to pitch in and help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. One thing you can do that would be of great help in the New York metropolitan area is to give blood at the local Red Cross. With so much of the Red Cross's resources tied up in recovery and repair work for the hurricane victims, it's pretty much impossible for them to keep up with the daily need for blood; if you give, that would help a lot.And if you want to know other ways you can help, they're a good place to start.


Ed Sikov said…
How kind of you! Happy birthday!
Bob Lamm said…
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!