Another Film Festival on Its Way

Just a quick note to pull your coat to the New York Asian Film Festival 2007, which will be playing at the Japan Society and the IFC Center starting June 22. With so much of the world's most interesting films coming from Taiwan, Korea and Thailand these days, this is an event well worth your time. Besides, where else could you see "a screening of Pakistan’s first splatter film, HELL’S GROUND, with the producers and director in attendance and a magical mystery tour of Pakistani exploitation cinema featuring highlights from some of its most infamous movies, personally selected by the madmen behind the Mondo Macabro DVD label" -- you really can't make this stuff up and why would you want to?

You can check the festival website here, but you'll pardon me if I'm more interested in the retro screening of John Woo's Hardboiled or Patrick Tam's After This Our Exile (an appropriate title for his first directorial effort in 17 years), than in a Pakistani splatter film.