General Housekeeping

I'll have something to say about the new Aki Kaurismaki in the next day or so. For the moment, however, just a couple of notes.

I'm considering adding advertising to this page, mainly because being a full-time freelance writer is so goddamned remunerative. If you are opposed to this change, quite frankly I agree with you. There's too much advertising on-line and elsewhere. As regular readers know, I live in New York City and there are times when I'm awestruck by the grotesque ingenuity with which corporations foist their drivel on the urban landscape, not to mention the incredible annoyance of being bombarded with glorified TV commercials at the movies and ballparks. I'd love to tell you the old Soupy Sales line about taking those pictures of the presidents from Mommy and Daddy and mailing them to your old pal George, but I guess I'll let the opportunity pass me by. I'm not saying, by the way, that I'm definitely going to put advertising here, just that it is under consideration. (I'm appointing a blue-ribbon panel composed of several cronies of the Vice President to investigate.)

On a more pleasant note, if you look somewhere on this page, you'll find the correct time (in NYC, at any rate), courtesy of a website called I stumbled on their site by accident and was amused by the service they offer. This page isn't nearly cluttered enough yet, so I thought I'd give you all the time of day.