Stan Brakhage on the Radio

Have I mentioned UbuWeb and the Internet Archive before? (Hey I've been doing this for 18 months and if you think I remember every post, you're giving me way too much credit, but I appreciate the vote of confidence.)

UbuWeb and the Internet Archive are two of the great resources available on the Internet, repositories of vast amounts of film, music, radio and text that runs the gamut from B westerns and live concert tapes (on the Archive) to Ubu's incredible collection of avant-garde radio programming. It's all free and, so far as I can tell, legal, right there for your downloading pleasure.

The reason I raise this now is that UbuWeb has recently added a really thrilling collection, a 20-episode radio show that the late Stan Brakhage recorded in 1982 at the University of Colorado radio station, KAIR. In addition to the shows themselves as MP3 files, they also have a PDF file of complete transcriptions of the programs. I have very mixed feelings about Brakhage as a filmmaker but enormous respect for his energy, intelligence and integrity as both a filmmaker, theorist and human being. I suspect I'll be listening to these radio shows all through the next couple of weeks. (Probably when I'm supposed to be working.)