Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Join Us!!!

The Washington Heights Film Class fundraiser last weekend was great fun. Electoral Dysfunction was well-received, and David Deschamps and Bennett Singer were incredibly generous with their time and gracious as always.

In the meantime, our 2013 schedule is up and I'm already dashing around to bring the best in cinema to Upper Manhattan. So check it out:


C'mon people. Put your money where your movies are.

Meanwhile, Back in Iran

I realize that Iran is hardly the only nation on earth that is persecuting its artists. (You want a list? Start with almost all the member states of the United Nations.)

However, they are the only nation with a world-class film industry that is publicly persecuting its filmmakers. If you want a picture of what has been going on in the country lately, I recommend a new report from Human Rights Watch, which can be found here


Tribeca 3: Pride in the City

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