Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Is Here

I walked out of the first screening for the Rendezvous with French Cinema series at the Walter Reade yesterday and thought I had stumbled into the middle of June. Of course, as regular readers know, I hate cold weather, so this suits me just fine. At any rate, it's perfect timing for Jewish Week's spring arts preview. My film preview and recommended list are here and here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Given That No One Sees to Have Won the Israeli Election. . . .

This might be an opportune time for Israel's first-ever Oscar winner. Especially given that the film in question, Waltz with Bashir, is a loud and clear anti-war statement and the primary gain in the election seems to have accrued to the crude and vicious Avigdor Lieberman, this would be a nice message for the arts community to be sending.

I'm sure it's a message that Ari Folman, the film's director, would approve. I woke him out of a sound sleep to get an interview last week, and I figure I owe him at least this much of an apology. Besides, the film is terrific. You can find the interview here.

Tribeca 3: Pride in the City

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